Center for Strategic Economic Research
Core Skills:

Economic and demographic analysis and forecasting
Regional economics and economic development practices
Market and feasibility analysis
Econometric and input-output modeling
Social science research and survey design
Strategic planning and collaborative processes
Performance measurement
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Through its Strategic Alliance with Valley Vision for regional projects, CSER can build a research team that also offers the following core competencies:

Convening and facilitation
Collaboration and consesus building
Field research and focus groups
Issue and solution identification
Outreach and public affairs

An organization that brokers and supports regional initiatives

The Center for Strategic Economic Research (CSER) provides a full range of customized and objective economic and demographic research services to businesses, government entities, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. CSER's extensive knowledge of regional economics and economic development, combined with a rigorous and strategic approach to research, have generated a wide range of experience conducting projects such as economic development strategies; economic and tax impact studies; market and feasibility analyses; industry and workforce studies; and economic and demographic profiles. CSER staff actively work on business attraction, retention, and expansion projects and support regional economic development programs by producing signature economic reports as well as providing data and analysis for company prospects, local cities and counties, strategic planning processes, and regional marketing efforts. The organization is committed to being actively involved in the economic development field by making contributions to the practice, adopting leading-edge approaches, and keeping informed of best practices in research and program delivery. CSER also maintains a close relationship with Sacramento State's Economics Department and engages members of the academic community to work with the research team on projects requiring specialized knowledge. Public and private sector clients throughout the country have benefited from CSER's highly respected research services. CSER focuses on providing its clients with credible and objective research to help them make informed and strategic decisions.

CSER has been engaged in regional economic research activities for over 30 years. The organization’s distinctive history and structure combines economic development practice with the credibility and academic expertise of a higher education institution with an applied research focus. Originally, the organization was structured as a research institute affiliated with California State University, Sacramento, known as the Real Estate and Land Use Institute (RELUI), and later as the Sacramento Regional Research Institute (SRRI) in conjunction with the Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization (SACTO). CSER is currently structured as an independent nationally-scoped research center affiliated with SACTO, one of only 31 Accredited Economic Development Organizations by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). CSER is also the exclusive research partner of the California Association of Local Economic Development (CALED)-managed California Academy for Economic Development, which focuses on training, education, and research in the field of economic development.

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Economic Development Strategies
Long-term economic development planning must consider both the current local environment as well as a vision for future growth and development. CSER provides analysis on which to base long-term business decisions by identifying the economic potential of a local area, assessing the existing attributes and advantages, evaluating economic and demographic trends, and generating economic development strategies. These projects can guide local economic development and planning efforts to achieve desired results and development potential.
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Economic and Tax Impact Studies
The creation of jobs typically has a ripple effect throughout a region. Additional jobs are spread through relationships with linked firms and industries, as well as through the purchase of goods and services. CSER provides a complete picture of how specific companies or projects create employment, income, and consumption expenditures throughout the region's economy and determines its economic effects including direct, indirect, and induced benefits. In addition, CSER creates an estimate of the generation of federal, state, and local taxes that result from the economic impacts.
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Market and Feasibility Analyses
Determining the market acceptance or feasibility of a specific project is essential to make informed business decisions and ensure success. CSER produces market and feasibility studies for various projects, developments, and sites. The primary objectives of this type of study are to assess if the market conditions are suitable for development, short- and long-term project sustainability, and the highest and best use of a location or site based on a variety of economic and demographic factors.
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Industry Studies
An understanding of both the economic trends and qualities necessary to foster growth and development is critical for business attraction and retention efforts aimed at a specific industry. Based on a formal industrial classification or a working definition for a specific industry, CSER analyzes the economic impacts of the industry, employment and wage data, locational advantages, contributions of major employers, and responses from an employer survey.
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Workforce Studies
An important part of understanding a local economy is evaluating the characteristics of the workforce. CSER provides information on the mix of jobs, training, education, and skills in a local area and analyzes the ability of the workforce to effectively fill the existing and potential future employment opportunities. In addition, CSER evaluates industry staffing patterns, workforce competitiveness, and gaps between business attraction and workforce development efforts.
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Economic and Demographic Profiles
A comprehensive collection of the latest and most reliable data enhances economic development and marketing efforts. CSER produces economic and demographic profiles for multi-jurisdictional regions, counties, cities, market areas, and communities. The profiles present data and analysis in areas such as population, housing, income, employment, labor force, wages, taxable sales, transportation, quality of life, and utilities.
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Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation Support
In some cases, policy analysis and program evaluation activities require an added level of economic or technical expertise. CSER offers support services in assessing the economic components of specific policy alternatives, developing research processes and measurement techniques, and gathering and analyzing data to evaluate program effectiveness.
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Research Validation and Peer Review
Critical decisions are often based on technical research, which decision makers must be able to trust and rely on to be fully effective. CSER applies its expertise to help decision makers become more comfortable with technical research by validating completed economic and demographic analyses or acting as a peer reviewer, suggesting ways to improve the work and identifying significant shortcomings that should be addressed.
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Site Selection Information and Research
Companies and site selection consultants rely on accurate and comparable information in evaluating areas for expansion or relocation activities. CSER can quickly gather and analyze reliable economic and demographic data to help economic development professionals complete site selection information requests and give companies and consultants an accurate and comprehensive view of the local area.
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